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Provide tools that help people achieve more personal happiness


elevare360™ was formed by friends willing to take on a problem that seemed to be burgeoning all around them. The problem they saw was that despite abundance and ease around every corner, people just seemed…sad. Rich and poor, healthy and unhealthy, popular and unpopular, married and single, millennials and boomers alike.
Why were people with a million things to be grateful for so bummed out all the time?

Become a beacon of hope in the world to sad people and their loved ones

Unfortunately, the reasons why we get “down” are too numerous to quantify. At Elevare360 we embrace the philosophy that although there are real reasons why we struggle, those things don’t own us. They don’t define us and they certainly should not be allowed to steal our happiness. But not letting our problems make us sad is hard.

Not enough to get you there? Maybe not. If not, check out our product, Pivot180™.